The Hartford Residence

February 12, 2021

The Hartford Residence

Is bigger always better? We think so. 

Over the last decade, our team has been honing our craft and creativity, building dozens of unique, contemporary homes throughout the Austin, TX area. In 2019 we felt it was time to take our attention to detail and skills to the next level. Property in Central Austin presented itself to our team and we jumped headfirst into the opportunity to expand our portfolio and turn our custom home build work up a notch. After consulting with various collaborators, real estate pros, and architects to find just the right partners for this endeavor, The Hartford Residence project was born. 

The Hartford Residence is our inaugural build in the expansive luxury lifestyle space, featuring over 5300 sq feet of conditioned modern design, complete with a three-car garage, pool, hot tub, and outdoor living space. Combining the expert craftsman of Master Builder Mike with the design finesse of firm Clayton Korte, (formerly Clayton & Little) The Hartford Residence offers a unique split layout that really emphasizes the natural landscape of the property. NEXT Creative Director Vanessa brings her design eye to this project, making this home a spacious example of a functional, yet modern luxury Austin home. 

Part 1: The Property and Architectural Design

The original single-story home on this property was built in the early 1960’s and stood approximately 1600 sq feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a u-shaped driveway. Once the interior was inspected, a cracked foundation, uneven flooring, separated brick, and other evidence proved the home was unstable and unsuitable for living, making a demo and rebuild project the perfect solution. 

With the help of DAR Demolition, we were able to clear the structure and massive concrete patio and driveway, to make a clean slate for our team to begin. When possible, refuse materials were saved and sorted, with metal, wood and glass, and stone sent off to a local recycling center. We adhere to the City of Austin Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance, which works to divert construction waste from the landfill on large-scale projects.  It took just three days to clean the site completely and then it was time to get to work.

As for the architectural side of this project, we knew from the beginning we wanted to work with a household name in the luxury home building space. Clayton Korte instantly came to mind and we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with the genius designers at this firm. 

 After a few rounds of concepts, design, some revisions, and final review, we landed on a truly unique and modern home layout. At first glance, you’ll notice the design of this home is unassuming from the road, appearing as a one-story residence. This was an intentional feature, to make the home fit within the surrounding community aesthetic.

Instead of building up and out, the design of this home features a two-story, two-winged structure that is built down, creating a lower level completely hidden from the street. Once inside the home, the sophisticated layout reveals itself showcasing a breathtaking urban oasis and pool, which can be seen from almost any room in the home.

The home is entered through a spacious courtyard leading to a glass foyer entryway, featuring a stunning 20′ X 22′ window wall.

Look for classic contemporary interior details featuring white oak floors, walnut cabinetry, luxury countertops, and designer light fixtures.

We’re excited to bring this concept to life and give Central Austin our version of a beautiful contemporary modern home. For more details and property specifics, check out the listing page from Moreland Properties to learn more. We’ll be sharing the entire build from start-to-finish here on our blog, so check back soon to see the latest updates about The Hartford Residence project.

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