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The behind the scenes - the dirty work - the nitty gritty...these are the things that make up a project and I want to show you all of it. Just like life, projects don't always go according to plan. Let me share and show solutions. I will also show the pretty things, not to worry. 

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Once a solid foundation has been poured and the frame of the home installed, the next phase involves intricate work inside the home. We like to call this part the “guts,” and with a home as large and unique as the Hartford Residence, the guts are complex. To help manage it, a home automation system […]

The Hartford Residence: Foundation and Framing When building a home, the most essential phase of the process is without a doubt, the foundation and framing. Setting up your home to be stable, safe, and secure is so important to the future life of that home and its occupants. Establishing the foundation requires a vast background […]

The Hartford Residence Is bigger always better? We think so.  Over the last decade, our team has been honing our craft and creativity, building dozens of unique, contemporary homes throughout the Austin, TX area. In 2019 we felt it was time to take our attention to detail and skills to the next level. Property in […]

Want more than pretty pictures? Want to see what goes on during a building project? Join us in this journey of beautifying Austin, one house at a time. 


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