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The behind the scenes - the dirty work - the nitty gritty...these are the things that make up a project and I want to show you all of it. Just like life, projects don't always go according to plan. Let me share and show solutions. I will also show the pretty things, not to worry. 

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Our brand continues to grow and we’ve recently expanded into the cabinetry space with the launch of a custom cabinet shop, NXT Cabinets, with one of our own leading the way. Today we’d like to introduce Tim Drew, former trim specialist for NEXT, and the new NXT Cabinets Shop Manager.  Meet Tim Drew: NXT Cabinets […]

Today we’d like to introduce our Trim Specialist, Danny Drew. He works alongside his older brothers and father, Mike Drew to build beautiful pocket doors, trim door frames, and install baseboards in all of our custom homes. Meet Danny Drew: General Construction Crew, Trim Specialty Q: Tell us about your role with Next Custom Homes.A: […]

The NEXT team works closely together on every project, from designing closets to digging pipelines, we all have our specialties. Our team is constantly growing and includes family members and business partners we consider as close as family. Today we’d like to introduce our Project Manager, Micah Drew. Meet Micah Drew: Project Manager Q: Tell […]

Welcome to the Next Custom Homes Blog. In our little corner of the internet we hope to share project updates, feature builds, and more about our team. After all, when you choose to work with NEXT you’re getting a whole family of experts, instead of a handful of different contractors. We’re a family-run business of […]

Want more than pretty pictures? Want to see what goes on during a building project? Join us in this journey of beautifying Austin, one house at a time. 


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