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January 18, 2022

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Moving into a new home is often a mix of emotions, including excitement, stress, apprehension, and joy. We work with clients and do our best to tame any of those negative feelings through constant communication, collaboration, and organization. 

You can imagine the piles of paperwork, and instructions for various features of a new home can become overwhelming very quickly. The last thing you want laying around the house is a mountain of manuals!  

When you work with us, we help get you organized before the overwhelm starts to set in. We take the guesswork out of your future upgrades, renovations, paint updates, and more with our proprietary organizing system, which we call the NEXT Home InfoBox.

NEXT Home InfoBox

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, then you may have already seen a sneak peek of the NEXT Home InfoBox. Inside this box, our clients have everything they need to know for the interior, exterior, grounds, and guts of a property. Take a look at the different sections of handy information included: 

The NEXT Home InfoBox

Inside a new home there is a myriad of fixtures, appliances, flooring, lighting, tile, furniture, paint, colors, and finishes. In the future, homeowners won’t have to worry about replacing the proper light bulb or finding a matching tile, since all of these details (including item SKU numbers and vendors) can be found inside this box.

A new custom home may have a security system, exterior SMART lighting, a car-turner, garage features, and more. You’ll have access to every manual, warranty, and product specification, both physical and digital copies if they are available.

All of our homes feature modern pools and/or hot tubs. With pool and landscaping systems it’s best to have a complete hands-on tutorial and training from the supplier, but we add in some helpful tips and tricks inside the box as well. 

Should Texas experience extreme weather or power outages, it’s important to know how the guts of the home, work. Inside our NEXT Home InfoBox we include specific details on hot water systems, electric panels, lighting elements, HVAC (heating & cooling), natural gas, basic plumbing systems, and more. 

Tablet preprogrammed with home system apps

In addition to the NEXT Home InfoBox, we often gift our clients a mobile tablet, complete with pre-installed apps and programs for running your home. This way both the tablet and the box can stay with the home, should it be sold to a new owner or a current owner moves on.

Finally, our team of savvy builders records step-by-step instructional videos for each system in the home. Links to these videos are accessible through QR codes inside the relevant section of the NEXT Home InfoBox and on our YouTube Channel.

NEXT YouTube Channel

Organizing a new home doesn’t have to be stressful, let us handle the details! It’s all part of our commitment and client care. Rest assured when you work with NEXT Custom Homes you’re getting a next-level partnership. We’re all about making life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. 

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