Camp Craft Residence: Foundation and Framing

April 10, 2024

In the heart of Austin on the coveted Camp Craft Road in 78746, craftsmanship and innovation unfolds as our latest luxury custom home takes shape. The foundation and framing process is a pivotal stage in this architectural marvel, where the vision of the designer begins to materialize into tangible form- it’s one of our favorite parts of the build process!

Here, where innovation meets tradition, our skilled craftsmen meticulously lay the groundwork for a residence that will stand as a testament to refined living in the heart of Texas. From excavating the site to pouring the concrete, every step for the foundation is undertaken with attention to detail, ensuring the stability and longevity of this masterpiece in the making.

In this particular part of Austin, the ground can be tough and let’s just say it takes more time than you would think to dig a hole large enough for a home this grand! The concrete needed for this foundation was also an impressive amount, with truckloads working non-stop over the course of two days to pour.

As the framing phase unfolds you’ll see every timber carefully placed, every beam aligned with precision, laying the foundation for a residence that will redefine modern living in the vibrant Austin landscape.

From soaring ceilings that invite natural light to dance across the rooms to expansive windows framing panoramic views of the surrounding Hill Country, every element is thoughtfully integrated to harmonize with the natural beauty of the location. As the framing progresses, anticipation builds for the unveiling of a residence that will epitomize luxury living in Austin, blending contemporary design with timeless sophistication. If you look closely, you’ll notice the impressive downtown skyline this home offers from almost every room too!

Stay tuned as we journey through the creation of this architectural masterpiece with the help of our partners CoXist Studio on Camp Craft Road.

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