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We are passionate about creating timeless legacy homes that are built to last. With a relentless eye to detail, we ensure that every client is fully confident in their investment. We pride ourselves on being an honest resource with a wealth of information about local markets and current trends. 

Integrity through Intelligent Design


We value our clients’ trust above all, operating as a builder that puts people first. With a high level of integrity, we maintain consistent and transparent communication through the building process and deliver high quality builds that often exceed the expectations of our clients. Design is an important part of the process and we pride ourselves on having a keen eye and elevated standard for design.

As a family-run business, we treat our clients like family too. Our clients and buyers are guided through the build process, allowing them to feel comfortable with decisions and at ease throughout the construction process. We believe a stress-free experience should be the standard for home building, from ideation to the day you move into your new abode. 

Sincerity Every Step of the Way


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Meet the Team

With skills passed down from his father, master builder and co-founder of Next Custom Homes, Mike Drew, has been dedicated to building with integrity and high quality craftsmanship since he was a kid. To continue the legacy, Mike is now passing along all the knowledge, he’s acquired over the past 40 years, to his sons, who work along side him at Next Custom Homes. In his spare time, Mike likes to go dirt biking or shooting with his boys. 

Meet Mike

With a degree in Music, co-owner Vanessa loves having the opportunity to express her creativity in their homes. She has extensive knowledge on most aspects of real estate and building. She has been in the building industry for over 10 years and together, Mike and Vanessa are dedicated to building their clients exceptional living spaces that are more than just homes, but legacies that will last for generations. In her spare time, Vanessa loves exploring Austin and volunteering with the Junior League. 

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